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Womens-shaper-TrainersThere are a number of foods that will help you lose waist weight, but there are a couple of foods that will allow you to shed weight fast. When it comes to losing belly fat the most important thing to learn about is what you are putting in your mouth.  Food is very important, it speeds up your metabolism, gives you energy, and flushes you out.  These are all key ingredients to a thinner waist.  Here are the top five foods that can assist you with this.

  1. Watermelon– Not only is watermelon the most delicious fruit created, it has one of the highest water contents in it of all fruit. Yes, it is high in sugar so you want to make sure you are eating it early in the day, but watermelon is also one of the easiest things in your diet to burn off.  Because watermelon is so high in water content, it aids in flushing out all the past debris you collected during your day.  You can create a plan where you eat watermelon for three days and watch your stomach shrink down at a rapid pace. When you try this with your waist trainer make sure you cut down your fitness level, as to not lose too much energy.
  2. Spinach– Spinach is extremely dense in fiber. It’s one of the most enriched fiber foods out there, it is almost guaranteed to get the ball rolling if you are constipated in any way. Because spinach has so much fiber it is inevitable that you will be visiting the toilet more frequently than usual.  With this being said, a well-regulated stomach is generally a flat stomach.  FYI this is the one of the best foods you can eat while wearing you waist trainer.  It will give you energy and simultaneously flatten your stomach in one take.
  3. Salmon-Salmon is not only an excellent source of protein which builds muscle and reduces fat, it also acts as an inflammatory food. A high salt intake can cause your extremities and sometimes belly to swell, to instantly give your belly a flat boost try eating salmon. Try eating it in your diet at least three times a week and watch your belly in progress.
  4. Oatmeal– Oatmeal not be the best tasting, but it definitely gets the job done if you want that flat belly fast. Oatmeal keeps you satisfied longer so you are not reaching for things that will bloat you in the long run.  Oatmeal is also an excellent source of grains, which help in aiding your digestion.  In order to get that flat stomach quickly you must keep your digestion moving, and oatmeal is the best way to make that happen.

Stretches you can do to open up your hips!

 There are a couple of stretches to do not only open your hips, but give the illusion to make your hip pop out!  Stretching is vital to your health and mind and now there are stretches that you can do that can give your body an optical illusion of sexiness.  Stretching in general shifts the stability of your body allowing you to do more and feel more lubricated in your joints.  Doing this on an everyday basis can actually shift your hip flexors or hips neck and arms.  The most important is the hip flexors and you can imagine   why.  There are a number of stretches to give you that curvy figure eight appearance and we will go through four.  Majority of these stretches are yoga related because these are the exercises that concentrate most on the hip flexors.

If you choose to wear your waist trainer with these stretches you will get a faster result because of the compression from the trainer and the length of your limbs. Always use extreme caution when stretching and never go into a full movement cold.  Make sure you have worked yourself up and are ready to do some of these stretches.

  1. While on your back lift your leg in a cross leg position and allow your bottom leg to drop. Pull the top leg to your chest as much is it can go and hold for ten seconds, exhale, let go and repeat three more times, three seconds each.  This targets the inner and outer hip flexor allowing you to feel loser in your waist.
  2. While sitting up allow your left leg to stretch behind you, while your right leg is at a 45 degree angle. When you get a little bit more familiar with the stretch you can try for a 90 degree angle.  Hold this stretch for 10 seconds three times and each and switch legs.  This stretch targets the back of the hip as well as the inner and outer hip flexor.
  3. In yoga terms this is known as the happy baby pose. While lying on your back grab the back of your feet, and bring them towards your chest. Next spread them out until you look like a happy baby.  This stretch opens up your hips and readjust your flexors.  If you want the proportions of your hips to change this would be an excellent one to keep doing.  You can get more intense as you go along and form this position into a split as you get better.




How does a waist trainer affect your body

A lot of people believe that waist trainers are dangerous objects that snatch your waist and squeeze your organs until they bleed puss. Waist trainers have been under the radar for health gurus and personal trainers that believe that your lungs will lack air and your organs will relocate. Now these theories are true, but they are only true unless you intentionally do that to yourself.  In order to slow down your air supply or rearrange your organs you need to be training for years.  You also need a corset. Corsets and waist trainers are two totally different trainers.  The corset has thick wires around the bust leaving little flexibility while the waist trainer has latex ridges that allow for much more flexibility.  A waist corset is a bust that women wore in the early 1800s that restricted air flow and rearranged organs so the women could fit into their dresses.  A waist trainer is a more modern version of the waist corset that shrinks your waist through time allowing your body to adjust.

Now that that is out of the way, waist trainers do exactly what they say, they train your waist.  Waist training involves compressing the waist using heat to burn the excess fat around the midsection.  Waist trainers if worn properly, can take up to five inches away from your waist.

  • The compression from the waist trainer forms your midsection into the hourglass shape. If worn for a prolonged period of time the waist forms into this shape.  The compression also aids in the weight loss due to the intensity of the form.  The midsection is automatically held in allowing the muscles to work and burn the belly fat around it.
  • In the waist trainer material there is a fabric that holds hyper thermic fusion. This allows the waist trainer to heat up around the selected area and burn the fat off.  While working out or walking the fusion is intensified yielding more results.
  • The shape of the trainer is designed to target the back, midsection, and waist. This targeted waist trainer will allow you to fully concentrate on the areas you are trying to lose.  This allows for a curvier shape.
  • The waist trainer shapes your body into an hourglass shape.  Because of the design the waist trainer cinches around the hips allowing the side to squeeze in and the hips to fall out.